Concepts for Studio 3′s exhibition in Oslo. 1. Time is Money People who want can buy themself’s to the front of lines – in favor for the people waiting. Watch video for further information:   2. Avventingsklinikken (Norwegian concept) What … Continue reading


    Rolliables – Chindogu project Rolliables vision is to make skating bigger than football. Skateboarding will be an easy sport, everyone can learn - both children and adults, in a safe environment, without injuries. Rolliables is stable, safe and cool.


    FUCK “LIKE” REBELS – Collaboration Norway // Russia Group: Nicklas Haslestad Mike Simen Patterson Axel Gustafsson Ragne Balteskard Jonas Grytemark Maria Axelrod MANIFESTO: WE ARE TRYING TO STOP THE GROWTH OF SOCIAL NETWORK. WE ARE KILLING THE “LIKE”. WE ARE … Continue reading


    Creating a typeface – DIEDGE Diedge is a font designed by Nicklas Haslestad. The type was developed through a mix of serif and sans serif types, as well as Roman and italic tipping. Diedge is used extensively in advertising. Diedge … Continue reading

  • Redesign BURN Energy Drink – Calligraphy

    Written by hand – Redesign